Now you can influence the policy makers. Norwegians Worldwide shows you how to send your very own statement on the new proposed bill that will allow dual citizenship. The hearing is open until March 20, 2018.

You now have a possibility to present your views in the hearing on a new law on citizenship. Anyone who will be affected by this political decision can have their say. Norwegians Worldwide will present a statement on behalf of everyone we represent, all Norwegians living abroad. But you also have a chance to present your own views to the government and contribute to the passing of the best possible new law on dual citizenship.

Send your own statement to the government here.

Our statement
Norwegians Worldwide will provide a thorough statement (in Norwegian) on our views on behalf of our members. You can read a summary of the new law and our positions here.

Write your own statement
We believe that it’s important that everyone with an interest in dual citizenship uses this opportunity to tell the government their views in this matter. Here is a guide to assist you in writing your own statement for the hearing.

Before you write your statement, we recommend that you read up on the proposed law on dual citizenship. We suggest reading the government green paper (in Norwegian) and our summary on the new law.

Your statement should have three parts:

  • An introduction where you explain your situation and why you have a personal interest in this matter.
  • Specific proposals for changes in the new law with arguments why this change is needed.
  • A conclusion where you thank the government for the opportunity to present your views and a short summery of your statement’s key points.

You should also add your name, contact information and optionally organizations you represent or is a member of.

The statement should not be long. Keeping it short and simple is often the most effective way of getting your message through. Be clear about what you want to communicate and use a polite language.

Your finished statement must be submitted on the government’s website (in Norwegian) before Tuesday March 20.

Useful links:
Norwegians Worldwide’s take on the new bill:

The new proposed law (in Norwegian):–avvikling-av-prinsippet-om-ett-statsborgerskap/id2582695/

Current law (in Norwegian):

Norwegians Worldwide’s proposed statement (in Norwegian): NWW-Dobbelt-Statsborgerskap.pdf