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400 NOK1125 NOK

Norwegians Worldwide assists and represents thousands of Norwegians living abroad. As a non-profit organization we are grateful for the support of our members, allowing us to continue to provide and develop our services. Membership benefits:

1 year: NOK 400
3 years: NOK 1125


To become a member is easy. Simply choose 1 or 3 years, hit “Add to cart” and then “Checkout” and pay either with your bank card (via Paypal) or directly in your Paypal-account.

The procedure is the same for renewal of membership. When we receive payment from an existing member, we simply update the membership date and any new contact information you may have provided.

Membership follows the calendar year. It is valid from payment date to December 31st the same year (1 year payment) and December 31st + 2 years (3 year payment). Membership payments received after October 1st is valid until December 31st the following year (up to 15 months).

Membership is not automatically renewed. To continue your membership, you will receive a reminder from us to make a new payment to the organization.

In case of questions,  you are welcome to contact us at: or (+47) 23 35 71 70.

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