Myth has it Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. Whether true or not, it is safe to say that the average Norwegian is extremely fond of cross country skiing. Norwegians Worldwide will have our own annual ski day Thursday January 29th, and we will be sure to post a picture evidence on our Facebook-page.

Are you new to skiing? You are not alone. Maybe it’s time you tried, in a safe environment. Join Expat Relocation’s annual Ski Day and get an introduction to Norway’s national sport. All ages are welcome. The event will take place at Øvresetertjern, where professional instructors will teach you the basics of skiing. Skis, shoes and poles can be rented.

Expat Relocation provides a social platform to meet other foreign professionals and their families, for expats in Norway. Membership entails the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of bi-monthly events and regular theme seminars. Their network events follow Norwegian seasons and traditions, offering a variety of child-friendly, cultural, historical, and social activities. The Network further provides a point of contact between foreign workers and their relocation team, creating a forum where expats can ask the questions that arise following the initial settling-in phase.

At their ski day event, Expat Relocation will have their own heated lavvu –- with hot drinks and an open fire for grilling of hot dogs.

Venue for Expat Relocation Ski Day: Øvresetertjern in Holmenkollen. After registration, map and direction will be sent out. 

Time: February 14th at 10.00 – 13 00.

Register for the event before February 6th, by sending an e-mail to