Test in Norwegian – higher level (Bergenstesten) tests your Norwegian language skills at a higher level. The test is done by Folkeuniversitetet. You may take the written and oral seperately. The test is helt three times a year.  Sign up and read more HERE.

Preparations to Bergenstesten at Norgesskolen
Norgesskolen offer preparation classes for the Bergenstest. Bergenstesten is a test in oral and written Norwegian language proficiency. Bergenstesten is required to attend Norwegian higher education. We offer the class for the oldest students (16-18 years) with good overall competencies in Norwegian. Preparations for Bergenstesten will be in afternoon classes, so that the students should be able to follow the normal classes as well.

The students preparing fo the Bergenstest will use exercises that are similar to those of Bergenstesten covering both the oral and written parts of the test. The teaching and the assignments will follow the themes stated in Norgesskolen’s competency goals. In the beginning of week three, those who wish will be given the opportunity to take a practice test. This will be a previously given exam from Bergenstesten, so that you know what to expect from the real test. Please note that this will just be the written part of the test. We schedule it for one day, and those who take the test will receive feedback in writing.