With more than 60 enthusiastic and outgoing students gathering in Gvarv in Telemark to speak Norwegian this summer, Norgesskolen 2018 was a tremendous success.

This summer more than 60 children and teenagers travelled to Norgesskolen in Gvarv in Telemark. The students came all the way from the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, China, as well as many European countries. More than a third of the students had been to Norgesskolen before.

The students were eager to learn about this year’s topic, Norwegian popular culture, took part in making traditional Norwegian food like waffles and cinnamon buns, and practiced their Norwegian skills with new friends. This year, the day trip was to the coast of Telemark, crossing the fjord to Jomfruland, swimming and fishing crabs on the island and strolling around in Kragerø town watching a tree boat regatta.

Students at Norgesskolen had a remarkable progression learning Norwegian according to the language immersion method, even 15 young people tried the digital open version of Bergenstesten and achieved their learning goals. See the photos from Norgesskolen 2018 in the gallery below.