The Norwegian classes

The students are primarily taught the Norwegian language, but culture, history and social aspects are also vital parts of the curriculum. The teaching is divided into four daily sessions, each session lasting for about 50 minutes. The students also have classes where they focus on culture or do crafts like baking or making Christmas ornaments.

We adjust the teaching to the students individual level, so that they are comfortable, yet challenged. The Norwegian language is taught both in the classroom as well as through all the activities they take part in. Attending Norgesskolen should be interesting and fun. Our teachers are experienced in creating a good learning environment, with varied teaching methods.

Educational topics
Some topics are repeated every year and some are unique. Every year we cover the following topics:

  • Norwegian traditions (outdoor activities, celebrating Christmas and May 17th)
  • Norwegian society (government, values, school system)
  • Norwegian history
  • Norwegian geography
  • Norwegian culture (litterature, music, film, food)

Theme 2020 “Norway in the World”
Many people think of democracy, gender equality and the welfare model when Norway is mentioned. Or maybe pop music, lutefisk and Norwegian suspense novels have made Norway most known abroad? The students at Norgesskolen will take part in a knowledge journey about how Norway has influenced the world from the Viking Age until today. Based on their own experiences, students will explore what Norwegian values, products and natural resources have been exported and how we have influenced historical and political processes. We look forward to a fun and educational summer!

Preparations for Bergenstesten
We offer our students a chance to prepare for Bergenstesten. Bergenstesten is an official test in oral and written Norwegian language proficiency, required to attend Norwegian higher education. The actual test can be taken three times a year, and is offered only by Folkeuniversitetet. We recommend to study their website for more information.

The oldest students (15-18 years) with good overall competencies in Norwegian, are offered to prepare for the test at Norgesskolen. These preparations are afternoon classes, and comes in addition to the regular classes. To offer these classes, we need a minimum of five students to sign up.

The students prepare for questions similar to those of Bergenstesten, covering both the oral and written part.  The curriculum follows the competency goals of Norgesskolen. One of the last days of school, the students have the opportunity to take a previously given original exam, in order to prepare. Please note that this will just be the written part of the test. Everyone taking the mock exam will receive a feedback in writing from the teacher.

Competency goals
The curriculum at Norgesskolen is based on the Norwegian curriculum for linguistic minorities. It is an age independent and level based learning platform. Level 2 is higher than level 1. The students at Norgesskolen are between 9 and 18 years old, and have very different Norwegian language skills. Students are divided into groups depending on age and Norwegian language proficiency. The age groups are the following: 9-11, 12-14 and 15-18. The division may vary depending on the group of students. Find a summary of the curriculum here.