She was 13 the first time she spent three weeks in Norway at Norgesskolen, the summer school that has children representing 56 countries worldwide. Cassandra Opsvik Ferreira is now 19 years old and studying Culture and Communication at the University of Oslo. She works as a tour guide on boat trips on the Oslo Fjord and bus tours around Oslo during the summer.

International Childhood

Cassandra has lived all over the world growing up, including France, Morocco, Madagascar, Brazil and Norway. As she looks back at her time at Norgesskolen, she thinks that it made her more prepared for her current studies in Norway. “Norgesskolen definitely prepared me for studies in Norway. I learned quite a lot about both the language and the culture, and I wanted to live and study here because during my time at the summer school I started liking Norway in a different way than my parents did.”

“The teaching program at Norgesskolen is good because most young people do not want to sit in a classroom during their summer holidays but you do so many fun and entertaining things so it’s not boring. You learn and have fun at the same time.”

Cassandra met some of her closest friends at Norgesskolen, and she keeps in touch with several of them, especially the ones who also study in Norway. They catch up over coffee and often reminisce over old times.  She says the best thing about Norgesskolen was meeting the other kids attending, because everyone is in the same situation; they are international children with one thing in common: ties to Norway.

“I am grateful for everything I learned about Norwegian history, Nansen, Grieg, Ibsen, and Thor Heyerdahl. When I started working as a tour guide and had to read up on Norway I already knew a lot of the material. I totally recommend attending Norgesskolen, especially for the invaluable education and the friendships created that will hopefully last a lifetime.”

Do you think you will stay in Norway?

“I am not sure if I will stay forever, but I will definitely finish my Bachelor degree in Oslo. I want to study in other countries as well, as it adds value to my studies and is rewarding for me personally.”


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