Paul Stolper’s Gallery in London was filled with anticipation on this dark September night. Norwegians in London had gathered to see a new exciting artistic collaboration. Previous A-ha member and now also artist Magne Furuholmen and Queen Sonja has been working together and presents the exhibition Texture.

The Queen has been interested in art all of her adult life. She eventually started making art herself, and has been trained by the renowned Norwegian artists Kjell Nupen (1955-2014) and Ørnulf Opdahl. She also founded The Queen Sonja Print Award, together with Nupen and Opdahl in 2011, given to an emerging artist working within printmaking.  The recipient of the first International Print Award, 2016, is Tauba Auerbach.  

A Mix of Two
Texture is an artistic collaboration, both thematically and literally of Queen Sonja and Furuholmen. The Queen has been making editions of prints for the past five years, etchings of her own photography from walks in nature. Furuholmen took these close-ups of rock-surfaces as a point of departure, adding to them photos of his own sculptures; details of the deformed clay from his sculptural works-in-progress. The result is a close working relationship, where they would occasionally interchange each other’s plates and treat them in a non-proprietary way, mixing in colours and techniques on each others etching plates, ending up with shared prints, where it’s not easy to say where ones work begin and the other starts. 

The exhibition in 31 Museum Street in London is open until October 15th.