- Many Norwegians who've lost their Norwegian citizenship are longing to get it back. Our tour in May 2019 attracted large audiences in four U.S cities.

Acting Secretary General, Linn Helene Løken, visited Norwegian communities in the U.S. and was met with great interest and enthusiasm for the new law.

Norwegians Worldwide has been touring the U.S. with a presentation on Norway abolishing the principle of one citizenship. In December 2018, the Norwegian parliament finally voted yes to allowing dual citizenships.

– We were met by a full house in all  cities. There are obviously many Norwegian families living abroad affected by this law change, and it’s evident that many who’ve lost their Norwegian citizenship are eager to get it back.

The new Citizen’s Act will make it possible to reclaim (gjenerverv) the Norwegian citizenship when you automatically lost it while obtaining another country’s citizenship. Read more about the new legislation here.

U.S. important for Norway and NWW

Løken visited Seattle, San Francisco, Austin and Houston in May. More visits may take place in the fall.

– We wanted to begin the tour in the U.S. because it’s historically very important for Norway and Nordmanns-Forbundet/Norwegians Worldwide. We have many members and chapters there, and over 4.5 million people in the U.S. are of Norwegian heritage. Considering the great interest to attend the presentations, there will definitely be a surge of applications to reclaim Norwegian citizenship.

Although the new Citizen’s Act was adopted in December 2018, old regulations still apply, so Norwegians Worldwide recommends any Norwegian citizen considering to apply for another citizenship in their country of residence to wait until the new law has taken effect.

– We are still waiting on Norwegian authorities to give us the exact date of when the new law will take effect. The Ministry of Education and Integration has said that it “aims for” January 1, 2020.

Norwegians Worldwide is the only interest organization in Norway representing, safeguarding and giving voice to Norwegians abroad, and has been advocating for dual citizenship for several years.

Have a look in the gallery below at our tour of the U.S., presenting Norway’s Yes to Dual Citizenship and how it affects our members. Click the photos to enlarge them.