Our former president, Wilhelm Mohr, died earlier this week, 99 years old.

He was known in Norway as a war pilot, highly decorated war hero, King Haakon’s adjutant and later commander of the Air Force and head of Aviation Accident Investigation Board. For Nordmanns-Forbundet /Norwegians Worldwide, he was also a highly respected president from 1980 to 1988. During his time as president he made a fantastic contribution to the organization, and through his many travels nurtured our contacts as well as created new ones. Mohr always showed great interest in Norwegians Worldwide and participated in Council meetings up until last year. For all of us, he was an honorable and exceptionally sympathetic man, and we were fortunate enough to enjoy visits from him regularly. Any meeting with Wilhelm Mohr meant a great story and a great time.

Wilhelm Mohr was a role model and we are proud that he was part of Norwegians Worldwide.