Father Bichsel goes by the nickname Bix, and he is a Jesuit priest in Tacoma, Washington, USA. Bix has fought for many years the fight against nuclear weapons. He is famous for his actions as a non-violent activist, and has on several occasions spent time in jail for his protests. In 2009 Father Bix and his fellow activists succeeded to break through several layers of highest security before they were stopped in their attempt to reach to where nuclear weapons were stored at Naval Base Kitsap.

Bill Bichsel was born in 1929 and ordained a priest in 1959. He was awarded St.Leos Parish in Tacoma, Washington. After completing his assignment there, Bichsel hitchhiked around America for 6 months, and then he worked as a Community Organizer in Seattle. In 1979 he returned to Tacoma to work in Guadelupe House Shelter, a Catholic center.

Travelling with Father Bichsel‘s also Joe Power Druits from Tacoma Washington and Helen Young from New York. Young makes a documentary about Father Bix and his work on nuclear weapons.

We learned a lot from Father Bichsel during his visit and wish him the best of luck with his struggle for a nuclear-free world!