Donna Louise Fox and Cecilie Myhre started the movement Ja! Til Dobbelt Statsborgerskap (Yes! To Dual Citizenship).

The background for their engagement on this issue involve their own situation and struggles when they moved to Norway after living in Australia for many years, being a married couple of then two Australian citizens. Cecilie is originally Norwegian, but gave up her Norwegian citizenship during her years in Australia, due to a lucrative job offer which required her to be an Australian citizen.

Donna has a dual citizenship (Australian and UK) so they eventually managed to get working and living permits in Norway because of Donnas English passport. They are now working to get Norwegian political parties to support dual citizenship for Norwegians, former Norwegians and residents with permanent residence permits.

On their website, you can read more about their research and findings, what the different political parties have to say about the matter and facts about the rules and regulations on dual citizenship. They have also started a Facebook page called Ja til Dobbelt Statsborgerskap, where they gather relevant information on the subject, and posts opinions from citizens with different experiences regarding these regulations.